All community polls are based on the answers and submissions we receive from the local community. We merely seed the playing field with the questions. Our team has researched and vetted over 600 potential categories that we rotate through markets, when appropriate. Of course,  as we go along our list grows and so does our awareness and intimacy with each market. The poll is 100% unbiased. Winners are encouraged to display their award with pride–and for free.

‘Greatest Around’  is not/does not:

  • a closed-door group or chamber that makes decisions based on current members!
  • charge any person/place/business or thing to enter the poll!
  • based on the likes or dislikes of a webmaster who purchased a catchy domain name!
  • does not pick the winners. The community does. Your patrons, friends, employees and family members do!
  • charge to win. Nope, we don’t do that either. If you won, be proud. We do have marketing material to help you promote your new title but that’s 100% optional.
  • give preferential treatment to any one business because they advertised on a radio station or in a newspaper!

Winners always stand out.
We just help to identify them. Congratulate them and help them,
show the world that they truly are the greatest around.

Greatest team around
Each market is assigned a team of generally one to three staff members from our main office. Their sole responsibility is to help promote the community poll, promote tourism and the most important part… promote commerce to the local merchants.

This team will work with the winners throughout the year to help promote specials or make announcements,  as well as with features in various media outlets.